This is me; I’m now 28 (Uh!) and from the UK. I work for Microsoft as a Specialist in the Retail Market; My main focus day to day  is ensuring customers understand the value proposition around personal productivity and collaboration technologies breaking this down into four components; Business Intelligence and Insight, Communication and Collaboration, Enterprise Project Management and Enterprise Content Managment. You can see my professional profile in detail here; . I am engaged and live my with partner Gabrielle and little Grace aged seven. We live in the village of Pool in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire where i enjoy myself running and mountain biking in the hills, (see playing golf and getting down to the gym whenever i can.


Its incredible – Most organisations still only use Microsoft Office to create documents and    e-mail – facilities that were introduced to aid individual productivity as part of the Office 97 suite and we’re now so much further on with what really is an amazing suite of Products – the Office System

Office System 2003 established a rich vein of ‘collaboration’ and group working capabilities within the SharePoint products. The 2007 Office System extends even further, into the realm of business process and intelligence. Supporting the work i do at Microsoft and sharing the insight into the rich capapbilities of the suite and company has driven me to share this enthusiasm through my bLog. Thanks for visiting, James.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Gareth Blades said

    I’m looking to collaborate but I’m struggling….any chance??

  2. I don’t know if you read this blog comments or not but I’d like to get in touch with your concerning a book project for MS Press centered around Office 2007.

  3. Imran... said

    So are you a nice/evil Microsoft employee?

  4. James said

    Mr Ali, we’re all nice!

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