SharePoint 2007 functionality gains by having Office (Outlook) 2007

January 2, 2007

The following is a comprehensive but not necessarily complete list of the functions gained by having Outlook 2007 with Sharepoint 2007;

Ability to take SharePoint content offline:  document libraries, contacts, calendars, and tasks·         Ability to overlay SharePoint calendars with other calendars (people, resources, etc.) and fully edit the calendar in Outlook, including offline·         Ability to send an HTML email version of a SharePoint calendar to anyone, including outside the organization·         Ability to send InfoPath electronic forms via Outlook as an email.  Results can be stored in SharePoint.  Drops-downs can also be fed from SharePoint.·         Ability to have tasks from OneNote, SharePoint, and Project Server consolidate inside of Outlook·         Ability to approve tasks/workflows right from Outlook without having to open SharePoint or the Office content·         Records management for email messages (assuming Exchange 2007 is installed) and the ability to integrate those emails with SharePoint’s record management capabilities·         RSS reader – all SharePoint content is available via RSS feeds, Outlook 2007 has an integrated RSS reader·         From SharePoint, people can now e-mail a link directly to a document/file.  When the user clicks on the link, the document will open in read mode and a button will appear telling the user they can edit it or check it out to make changes.  This allows sending a link for both read and edit purposes.   


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