Office 2007 – catering for everyone (4/4)

November 20, 2006

Veggies, Vegans, Carnivores the lot – By offering suites that include tailored sets of applications and features, the 2007 Microsoft Office system helps address the unique needs of an organization and its employees- whatever their appetite might be for our technology. The volume-licensing suites, Office Standard 2007, Office Professional Plus 2007, and Office Enterprise 2007, all boast features and applications that support information rights management, integrated content management, and customized electronic forms – with varying degrees of integration. In addition, the variations in included applications allow organizations to license a software suite with the specific tools users need to perform key tasks and i hope my previous posts have clarified what you get with what and more importantly what you don’t!

While Office Standard 2007 enables users to participate in document-based processes and simple collaboration, Office Professional Plus 2007 and Office Enterprise 2007 in conjunction with Office SharePoint Server and other Office Servers provide advanced functionality that supports sophisticated collaboration and the ability to define and initiate business processes. The decision about which suite or suites are best suited to a particular organization should be based on an understanding of the business needs and collaborative style of the organization and its employees, as well as on the applications and functionality available to meet those needs. The office system 2003 was a big step forward but the integration and added functionality within this release is streets ahead. I’m really excited about some of the stuff you acheive OOTB and look forward to working with organisations over the coming years to help them get the most from it!


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