Integrated Content Management in Office 2007 (1/4)

November 20, 2006

In conjunction with SharePoint Server 2007, the Integrated Content Management capabilities of the 2007 release provide secure access to business information through a number of differentiated features and capabilities, including integrated document workflow, PowerPoint slide libraries, label and barcode attachment, and the newReport
Center portal.

·     Workflow. The workflow capabilities of the Microsoft Office applications and SharePoint Server 2007 support sophisticated document life cycle and enterprise content management. Integration between the Office applications and SharePoint Server 2007 allows users to initiate review and approval workflows, simplifying content review and approval processes, and reducing time spent managing documents through their life cycles. For documents stored in a SharePoint library with an associated workflow template, users can initiate the workflow process from the File menu in the Office application or from a browser-based interface.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 includes user-configurable workflow templates that can guide review and approval processes. Developers can also use Microsoft Visual Studio® or Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 to define custom workflows, create document-handling processes, help users collaborate through portals and workspaces, and connect users to information in enterprise business systems.

·     PowerPoint Slide Libraries. SharePoint Server 2007 provides centralized storage for presentations and individual slides. PowerPoint Slide Libraries enable users to easily repurpose existing content and build presentations from existing slide sets, reducing the need to recreate content. Users can publish presentations to a PowerPoint Slide Library directly from PowerPoint 2007.

·     Report Center. In organizations that deploy Microsoft Office Excel Services, Excel 2007 adds the capability to publish worksheets with full fidelity to the Web, portals, and dashboards, provided by SharePoint Server 2007. The Report Center, a central repository for reports and spreadsheet data, ensures that all users have access to the same version of critical business information. The user who publishes the worksheet can control access to the information by defining what data is visible to others in Report Center and defining which cells can be edited by other users.

·     Barcodes and Labels. The 2007 release facilitates document and records management with the capability to generate and embed barcodes and labels within documents. Text-based labels or barcodes can be generated from document metadata, such as subject keywords or customer numbers. Labels and barcodes are printed with the document and can be updated automatically. 

Table 3:  Integrated Content Management Capabilities


Microsoft Office Standard 2007

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Initiate document workflows and complete workflow tasks from within the Office applications.*

  P P

Initiate document workflows and complete workflow tasks from the browser.


Publish presentations and individual PowerPoint 2007 slides to slide libraries for later reuse.

  P P

Browse slide libraries from within PowerPoint 2007, build new presentations from individual slides, and get updates when slides change on the server.

Publish spreadsheets to
Center and specify parameters and viewing permissions for spreadsheets and specific cells published to

  P P
View and use spreadsheets published toReport
Center from the browser.


Create printable labels and barcodes from metadata and insert barcodes and labels into Office documents.

  P P

Read, print, and update existing labels and barcodes in Office documents.


*Certain workflow features require a valid InfoPath 2007 license.


One Response to “Integrated Content Management in Office 2007 (1/4)”

  1. Scott Abel said

    Thanks for the intereting summary about SharePoint and Office 2007. The PowerPoint Slide Library seems very useful. Are there similar libraries that allow users to create individual pieces of content (copyright statements, product descriptions, procedures, etc.) and reuse those when they need them in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and in building HTML help files or website content?

    Just curious.

    Scott Abel

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