Information Rights management in Microsoft Office 2007 (3/4)

November 20, 2006

The 2007 release includes sophisticated IRM capabilities and policy controls designed to help organizations safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. Through integration with Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) for Microsoft Windows Server 2003, these IRM features enable information workers to define exactly how recipients can use the information contained in Microsoft Office documents.

Specific features include:

·     Information Rights Management. In conjunction with Windows RMS, the IRM features of the 2007 release enable users to define exactly who can open, modify, print, forward, and/or take other actions with the information in Microsoft Office documents.

·     Policy Statements. Organizations can create policy statements for specific e-mail message types and embed these statements in the e‑mail message. Policy statements can instruct the reader how to handle the email message content or serve as a flag to trigger Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 to process custom-defined rules. Table 2:  Information Rights and Policy Management Capabilities 


Microsoft Office Standard 2007

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007

Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007

Create IRM protected documents and e-mail messages. Grant access and editing permissions and apply policy templates to protected content.*

  P P

Read and use IRM-protected documents and e-mail messages, given appropriate rights.*


Apply policy statements to e-mail messages before sending.*

  P P

Read policy statements associated with received e-mail messages.

*Requires Windows Rights Management Services for Windows Server 2003.


2 Responses to “Information Rights management in Microsoft Office 2007 (3/4)”

  1. simon w.warui said

    i cannot access the tool on IRM in my office 2007 office system

  2. simon w.warui said

    iam not able to access IRM in office 2007 professional system

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