What’s Core CAL?

October 5, 2006

A client access license (CAL) suite is available through volume licensing—the Core CAL, i’ve been asked twice in the last two weeks what this is all about so heres a quick post. The Core CAL includes CALs for Microsoft Windows® Server, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Systems Management Server, and Microsoft SharePoint™ Portal Server. The Core CAL offers a convenient way to license basic server components across desktop computers. In addition, it reduces the overall complexity of managing CALs for server software for IT professionals. The economic upside is circa 10% rather than buying the individual component elements.

The next development in licensing is the Enterpise CAL and this is in response to those customers who are really at the leading edge of adoption looking to use technologies such as OneNote 2007 and Office Groove 2007 – it really is a superset suite. It will still offer deployment flexibility and control, simplified licensing and increased value for IT spend – More bang for your buck as I keep hearing during this week at the IW readiness session in Redmond.


2 Responses to “What’s Core CAL?”

  1. desktop computers with Intel i5 cores are the best because they are very very fast and great for multitasking *”.

  2. Kojo1984 said

    Nice post. iIn a few words eplained what the Core CAL is.


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