Windows Vista: Top 10 Features!

September 19, 2006

A quick an easy synopsis for you -digest and enjoy! If you want to discuss this in more detail, my colleague Brian Barnes will gladly lead any retail based discussions. 

1: Instant Search!

It’s Fast and Easy! This feature that is available from almost anywhere in Windows Vista, enables you to type a filename, a property, or even just text contained within a file, and it returns pinpointed results!

2: Fast boot and resume!
Power on and off your computer in 2-3 seconds, enabling you a consumer electronics like experience.

3: Performance Centre – Performance Diagnosis!
Windows Vista has built in performance diagnostics which can detect and self correct many performance issues. From the diagnostics centre you can visibly see what could be causing glitch’s in media playback, slow application start-up, slow boot up and network problems.

4: Parental Controls!
Allows parents greater peace of mind and an increased level of confidence in their ability to control what content their children can view when they use a computer. The Parental Control panel helps parents to set time parameters for PC usage, control which websites can be viewed and read detailed reports about their children’s use of applications.

5: Photo Gallery!
A great way to show photos to your friends and family. Easily edit and touch-up your photos with built in red eye reduction, auto contrast, smart cropping and rotation tools.

6: Aero Glass!
A professional, attractive, graphically rich desktop experience that takes advantage of contemporary hardware, featuring more animation and translucent glass on the Start menu, window borders, and other critical Windows UI components.

7: Backup & Restore!
The new backup and restore control panel makes it fast and easy to determine the backup status of your pc and to take action, as needed, to protect you against data loss.

8: Meeting Space!
Ideal for those situations where a projector is not available! Whether you are making a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation or revising a spreadsheet, Windows Meeting Space enables face-to-face collaboration by as few as two or as many as ten people. Quick, easy and secure connections make sharing and viewing documents easier than ever.

9: Sidebar!
Unleashes personal productivity by enabling instant access to “gadgets,” a nearly endless variety of engaging, customisable mini applications, which provide information at a glance and easy access to frequent tasks.

10: Windows SuperFetch!
Gives you control of your PC much quicker! SuperFetch tracks which applications are used most often and preloads them into your computer’s memory, giving you access to your applications in record time. It is also clever enough to differentiate between which applications you’re most likely to use on the weekend or during the week, so the computer is ready with the applications that are most likely to be needed at any given time!

Author: Paul Stoddart


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