Why Open XML?

June 21, 2006

I've been asked to provide more information on what features are missing from ODF and why it was that we decided to create our own XML format 'Open XML' – Brian Jones provides some very good bLog posts on this subject matter if you would like or need to know more than I can tell you. Most of you know that ODF wasn't even around when we first started working on our XML formats, so that's really one of the big reasons. Another reason is that we need to make sure that we created an XML format that all of our customers could (and would) use. We want our customers to move all their existing documents into this new format and we need them to be willing to use it as the default format. ODF just wouldn't have allowed us to achieve that both because of a lack of functionality as well as different optimizations that sacrifice things like performance, none of which i can comment on because i don't know the detail! – but i'll find out.


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