Suprise Suprise???

June 19, 2006

The writing had been on the wall since January 2000 some say, when Bill handed over the reins as chief executive to his friend from university days, Steve Ballmer.

Bill Gates

Speech highlights

During the past few years Bill had already spent more and more time on the charitable foundation he had set up with his wife Melinda.

Some critics – and he has many – have described Mr Gates as a cold and calculating brainiac. But when he speaks about the good causes supported by his foundation, there is a rare passion in his voice. There are many links where you can listen to what he has to say about his panding departure and this is as good as any ;

Mending the ills of the world is indeed close to his heart.

Aids, Malaria, TB – the silent mass-murderers of the 20th and 21st centuries – are among the diseases that he hopes cutting-edge technology can beat.

Famous and notorious for his attention to technical detail, involves himself closely in many of the decisions about how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation spends its massive $29.1bn endowment.


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