bLogs in your SharePoint Environment

June 16, 2006

Windows SharePoint Services – the version available today (v2.0) – already offers a blog facility. To add a blog to a WSS site you need to use FrontPage 2003, which contains the blog template here’s how .It’s fairly basic and doesn’t offer much in the way of RSS, but these capabilities can also be added – there are a number of custom or 3rd party blogging solutions for SharePoint that have been published to the web already for WSS here’s one . Of course WSS offers a lot more than just blogs… they may want to consider whether the other features are useful. overview here If you want to get going immediately that’s probably the easiest way – especially as WSS is “free” if you already have Windows Server 2003 licenses. There’s also a hosted 30-day free trial if you want to try before deploying.

SharePoint Server 2007 / Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 really beefs up the blogging capabilities, and also adds wikis, RSS feeds, and a lot more – if you are prepared to wait until the product is released near the end of the calendar year – you can try it out today with the Beta 2 version.


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