Whats actually is an Information worker?

May 24, 2006

I often get asked what is actually meant by an IW? In short 'An information worker is anybody who creates and/or uses digital information' which is just about all of us!- i've taken the following stuff from the partner site link  in my previous post but the scenarios are quite useful for getting your headround what we're actually on about.

>Roger, a teacher, found it a challenge to make sure that parents were up-to-date on parent's evenings, school trips and homework. He relied on letters and permission slips being delivered to and from school by his pupils. Now, Roger can share school information, book parent-evening slots and meetings online and make sure that parents are kept fully informed on their child's progress at school.
>Paul is a solicitor. Opening a new client case was a timely process and involved filling in a number of forms, often duplicating information. Processing each case became difficult when files had to be shared among the legal team. Now, Paul saves over 40 minutes opening a new case by using automated forms which populate key details and link to key information on the electronic file. The whole team can also have access to client files as and when they need to.
>Ann is a PA. She used to take many handwritten notes and it used to take a lot of time retyping these notes to send them to the team. She also used to find it difficult to keep up-to-date and flick through old notebooks to find key information. Now, Ann takes electronic notes which enable her to share them minutes after a meeting has finished. She can also quickly and easily find her notes and even illustrate them using diagrams and other applications.
>Hannah, a sales representative, found ad hoc tasks such as completing her expenses and writing managers' reports very time-consuming, and she often had to rely on email threads to get work signed off by the right people. Now, she completes automated forms for all these tasks, which are automatically delivered to the right person, according to their requirements. Gone are the days of having to spend time searching through, and then sending emails.

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