MSN Desktop Search – How can you find specific e-mail messages and documents quickly

May 10, 2006

With Windows Desktop Search (WDS)!
Use the WDS Tool to find specific e-mail messages or documents. This tool allows for flexible search criteria and is extremely quick. Have a look in the help file of the MSN Desktop Search Engine; you will be astonished what's possible.WDS is part of the MSN Toolbar Suite and can be downloaded at Simply download and install the toolbar. Give it some time to create an index-file for your computer. This may take about 10 minutes but no user-interaction is required. You can then start to search. For your convenience it is a good idea to place the the search-tool in the taskbar. Here it is always available and can be accessed easily.

Type your search criteria in the text-input field of the MSN Desktop Search Tool and the tool will find e-mail messages and other documents on your local machine. The magic thing is the criteria you can enter. For example, if you type "to:Jon" the search engine will find all e-mail messages on your machine that have been sent to "Jon" (or names starting with 'Jon'). Another example is "from:Bill topicA topicB". This will search for e-mail messages sent by Bill which contain either "topicA" or "topicB".


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