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Successful information workers are people who have the right tools to deal with information, the right training and a work environment that supports how they do their job. The security-enhanced 2007 Microsoft Office System release, coming early 2007 but available in Beta2 now is an integrated system of programs, servers and services that will accelerate the efficiency of information workers, and the productivity of businesses everywhere.

New suites, servers and services in the 2007 Microsoft Office release will deliver additional functionality and new solutions. Your customers will be able to operate much more efficiently, stay organised, collaborate and share information more easily. With updated packaging options, you will have more flexibility than ever before to adapt the specific technologies and solutions to best meet your customers' requirements.

The 2007 Microsoft Office release means there'll be a huge increase in demand for Partners to help integrate and support the new solutions. Microsoft Partners within the Microsoft Information Worker Solutions will be in the best place to meet this demand.

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    I often get asked what is actually meant by an IW? In short 'An information worker is anybody who creates and/or uses digital information' which is just about all of us!- i've taken the following stuff from the partner site link  in my previous post but the scenarios are quite useful for getting your headround what we're actually on about.

    >Roger, a teacher, found it a challenge to make sure that parents were up-to-date on parent's evenings, school trips and homework. He relied on letters and permission slips being delivered to and from school by his pupils. Now, Roger can share school information, book parent-evening slots and meetings online and make sure that parents are kept fully informed on their child's progress at school.
    >Paul is a solicitor. Opening a new client case was a timely process and involved filling in a number of forms, often duplicating information. Processing each case became difficult when files had to be shared among the legal team. Now, Paul saves over 40 minutes opening a new case by using automated forms which populate key details and link to key information on the electronic file. The whole team can also have access to client files as and when they need to.
    >Ann is a PA. She used to take many handwritten notes and it used to take a lot of time retyping these notes to send them to the team. She also used to find it difficult to keep up-to-date and flick through old notebooks to find key information. Now, Ann takes electronic notes which enable her to share them minutes after a meeting has finished. She can also quickly and easily find her notes and even illustrate them using diagrams and other applications.
    >Hannah, a sales representative, found ad hoc tasks such as completing her expenses and writing managers' reports very time-consuming, and she often had to rely on email threads to get work signed off by the right people. Now, she completes automated forms for all these tasks, which are automatically delivered to the right person, according to their requirements. Gone are the days of having to spend time searching through, and then sending emails.

    This site run by our Partner Programne Team is a great resource for customers and prospective partners alike – you can access it from

    Office 2007 beta 2 is now public  and you can download it free from here.

    Microsoft Office Live is a new set of Internet-based services for growing and managing a business online. Designed to help companies establish an online presence, automate key internal and external business tasks, and collaborate with employees, partners and customers, the initial Office Live offerings are targeted at small businesses worldwide that have fewer than 10 employees.
    Microsoft Office Live services are designed to work independently, as well as to integrate with other programs in the Microsoft Office suite.

    FAQ is here – http://officelive/Office%20Live%20Documents/Microsoft%20Office%20Live%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf

    Well, whats this all about then? Formerly codenamed "Mendocino," the groundbreaking collaboration between SAP and Microsoft is designed to revolutionize how Information Workers interact with enterprise applications.

    Using Duet software, a company's entire employee population can easily and quickly access SAP business processes and data via their familiar Microsoft Office environment. Jointly developed and supported by ourselves and SAP, Duet enables companies to improve decision-making, increase process compliance and decrease costs.

    On Tuesday, May 2, 2006 Microsoft and SAP announced Duet for Microsoft Office and SAP (formerly code-named "Mendocino").  Duet bridges the gap between Microsoft Office productivity tools and mySAP ERP for greater productivity, easier access to back-end business processes, and more accurate data across the enterprise. is your best source of up to date information on this interesting development.

    With Windows Desktop Search (WDS)!
    Use the WDS Tool to find specific e-mail messages or documents. This tool allows for flexible search criteria and is extremely quick. Have a look in the help file of the MSN Desktop Search Engine; you will be astonished what's possible.WDS is part of the MSN Toolbar Suite and can be downloaded at Simply download and install the toolbar. Give it some time to create an index-file for your computer. This may take about 10 minutes but no user-interaction is required. You can then start to search. For your convenience it is a good idea to place the the search-tool in the taskbar. Here it is always available and can be accessed easily.

    Type your search criteria in the text-input field of the MSN Desktop Search Tool and the tool will find e-mail messages and other documents on your local machine. The magic thing is the criteria you can enter. For example, if you type "to:Jon" the search engine will find all e-mail messages on your machine that have been sent to "Jon" (or names starting with 'Jon'). Another example is "from:Bill topicA topicB". This will search for e-mail messages sent by Bill which contain either "topicA" or "topicB".

    Easily create flow charts or organizational charts with IGX graphics. Whether using Microsoft Office Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, click the Insert tab. Point to the Illustrations section and click IGX Graphic. In the left pane, select the type of chart you want. Then, in the right pane, click Bending Process 1, and then OK. Enter the text directly into the shape or in the left pane.