Where can software make an impact for retailers

April 6, 2006

Each of these examples shows how innovative software has the unique ability to amplify people’s efforts, capitalize on employees’ capabilities and knowledge to accelerate business results, and provide the flexibility that lets a company adapt to changes in partners, products, and the business climate. Moreover, solutions built on well-designed software do not necessarily entail large amounts of new IT spending, but they do tend to have a significant impact, rippling throughout an organization. That’s what great software can do—transform a company’s way of doing business while keeping costs down.Our (Microsoft's) Smarter Retailing Initiative helps retailers realize the promise of the power of digital technologies. Created in conjunction with leading systems integrators, independent software vendors, and original equipment manufacturers, Smarter Retailing offers a technology framework that enables retailers to build on existing technology as they take advantage of new innovations to create customer experiences that deliver true differentiation.Our technology partners around the world deliver powerful Smarter Retailing solutions for point of service and in-store systems, supply chain management, enterprise collaboration, business intelligence, and multichannel retailing.

Point of Service and Store Systems

Retail solutions based on Microsoft software are designed to seamlessly integrate store-level and head office systems, including point of sale/service, customer servicing, and inventory and order management applications. Retailers can centrally manage data and services to use them throughout the enterprise, and improve sales by using an open infrastructure to align all devices.

Supply Chain Management

Solutions focused on planning, merchandise management, and supply chain management help retailers meet strategic business objectives while driving down operational costs, enabling them to focus on expanding the capabilities of their business.

Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration solutions encompass information distribution, training, human resources, store financial reporting, and the store manager’s workbench. Collaboration solutions built on the Microsoft platform streamline and improve communication between retailers and suppliers, equipping people to work together more effectively.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions enable retailers to better manage their core systems so that people throughout the enterprise can make the best use of all available data.

Multichannel Retailing

Multichannel retail solutions give retailers the tools to provide customers with a coordinated, customized, and integrated shopping experience across multiple access points—stores, Web sites, catalogs, call centers, and other home shopping options.


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