The New World Of Work – what’s meant by it?

April 6, 2006

Social, political, economic and demographic trends are transforming the landscape of global commerce, but businesses are still challenged to achieve success according to traditional measures: profitability, market share, customer satisfaction and innovation. Over the past 50 years, information technology (IT) has played a critical role both in creating the conditions for change and in helping organizations adapt to it. As we move toward a world that is more fluid, less centralized and less certain about old assumptions and old models, IT is evolving in ways that will empower organizations, teams and individuals to realize their potentials in a new world of work.Certainly much of the change in the world is driven by technological innovation: more powerful software and computing systems, the Internet and pervasive wireless connectivity. The proliferating use of information has been instrumental in achieving better outcomes for businesses and higher productivity for workers. However, in celebrating the success of these advances, we should not forget that the ability to adapt and innovate is fundamentally a human talent. Empowering people to work more efficiently and effectively in the “digital workstyle” of the new world of work should be at the center of any organization’s strategy as it addresses the coming era of rapid change and increasing global integration.


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