People Ready Business – The New Campaign From Microsoft

April 6, 2006

So, the idea is that businesses don’t garner insights or make decisions. Businesses don’t close deals, invent new products, or find new efficiencies, people do.Companies excel when they empower their people to drive the business forward.Strategies, organization, motivation, and leadership all set the stage for business success. But to see results, you also have to give your people the right tools, information, and opportunities—because success ultimately comes down to your people. We call a business that fosters a winning environment a “people-ready business.”Software is instrumental to the people-ready business. Software is increasingly how we harness information, the lifeblood of business today. Software enables people to turn data into insight, transform ideas into action, and turn change into opportunity.Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help make your business people-ready because we know your customers and employees better than any other technology company. We interact with them every day, either directly or through our worldwide partner network. In their homes, at work, and on the road, they use the same familiar tools that you can rely on to bring everyday innovation to your company and help make it a people-ready business.


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