Microsoft Office Live Beta Debuts

April 6, 2006

Last week the beta version of Microsoft Office Live was launched.

A milestone for the software services previewed last winter, Microsoft Office Live helps lower the barriers to doing business online by offering small companies a set of Internet-based business services. Microsoft Office Live has already created tremendous excitement, with more than 100,000 customers registered on the beta waiting list.

This initial set of services from Microsoft Office Live is aimed at businesses with 10 or fewer employees. It will include both ad-funded services to enable small businesses to establish an online Internet presence and subscription-based services to help automate daily business tasks such as customer, project, and sales management, and collaborating both inside the company and with partners.

Microsoft Office Live will be free during the U.S.-only beta period in three versions:

  • Microsoft Office Live Basics: advertising-supported, free offer.
  • Microsoft Office Live Collaboration: a subscription-based offer, free during beta.
  • Microsoft Office Live Essentials: a subscription-based offer, free during beta.

We expect to release the final public versions in late 2006 and plan to offer beta programs later this year in additional international markets.


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