It seems obvious until you come to answer it……Why Microsoft?

April 6, 2006

Microsoft is dedicated to developing products for the retail and hospitality industry that offer best-in-class performance along with great value. We're really focused on effective, manageable, cost-effective software rests on four foundations.

Familiar and Easy to Use

Microsoft software, touching the majority of business people in the world, is familiar and accessible to people at all levels of your organization, as well as partners and customers. From tools for developers to systems and infrastructure for IT professionals to applications , Microsoft software vastly reduces training time and makes people more productive more quickly.

Widely Used and Supported

Microsoft makes some of the world’s most popular and widely supported software, ensuring that customers will always find it easy to get the help they need to solve technical issues and have questions answered. In addition to Microsoft technical support services, a worldwide network of developers and support professionals means there is always access to the expertise needed.

Integration That Works

Retailers everywhere have already invested a great deal on technology, creating, in many cases, “islands” of technology that are critical to the business, yet expensive to maintain and very difficult to migrate to new platforms. These applications often have very useful data, which is not accessible through other forms for real-time decisions. At Microsoft, we have software development and application tools that take advantage of Web services, which give customers powerful integration capabilities to connect disparate data sources that until now were isolated from one another. MS software is designed to work together seamlessly, reducing integration hassles. In addition, Microsoft consulting teams, a worldwide network of developers, support professionals, and certified partners offer the expertise to help solve technology problems and develop solutions that are especially suited to the retail industry.

Software That’s Innovative

Without a doubt Microsoft is committed to developing software products that help retailers reach their full potential. We will continue to create new products that allow a business to evolve and adapt to the growing complexities of government regulation (such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act), growing competition, security issues, customer demands, and the needs of business partners. Our commitment to and leadership in industry-standard technology such as Web services ensure that companies who use Microsoft products have access to the widest possible array of technology partners and software platforms. And we will always work to ensure that our products allow retailers to work, communicate, and conduct business in a secure and trustworthy software environment.

Looking to the Future

Technology transforms how, where, and when customers research, shop for, and buy products. Portable computers, mobile phones, and handheld devices will continue to shape consumer expectations. The same technologies empower your employees to transform retailing, from serving consumers in stores to connecting data silos in your back room.This is just the start of a revolution in information management. The future of the retail business is, as always, uncertain and ever changing. Retailers demand the flexibility to harness change as a competitive advantage. Innovative software from Microsoft and a worldwide network consisting of thousands of partners provide the business platform for the future, a flexible technology platform that supports existing business needs while providing the foundation to meet tomorrow’s opportunities. Empowering the people at the heart of every business to thrive and succeed—working alone as well as together—is essential for business success in this age of fast-paced change.


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